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Apple iPhone Accessories

With the brilliant innovations the the Apple iPhone is introducing as a cell phone and an internet device, it is easy to forget that at it's core, the iPhone is also a next-generation iPod. In fact, with widescreen video playback and a host of other new features, it is the most advanced iPod to date. Thus, as a music and video device, owning a pair of quality headphones is crucial to the experience. With the iPhone, we will also see the release of good headphones with incorporated microphones, which will facilitate making calls. Here is a guide to iPhone headphones.

Guide to iPhone Headphones

Apple's Official iPhone Headphones

iPhone headphones

These official iPhone headphones were announced alongside the iPhone by Steve Jobs at his January keynote. The official iPhone earbuds are very similar to the current iPod headphones, although, as you can see circled in the picture, they have a microphone added on. From the official iPhone headphones you can expect both good sound quality and the ability to make phone calls and listen to tunes without switching accessories.

Other iPhone Accessories

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